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Adelaide Property Clearances

 We specialize in the clearing and cleaning of deceased and living estates in preparation for sale.

We understand how stressful and overwhelming this process can be.

We provide a fast and affordable property clearance service including repair, renovation, restoration and relocation solutions for executors of deceased estates and property owners, downsizers, hoarders, and those moving into aged care or independent living.

We can also provide advice on the sale, agent selection and presentation of the property to maximise you sales result.

We will coordinate and supervise every step of the situation and optimise the assets of the estate. 

Let us give you a hand!

We remove junk - We clear - We clean - We improve - We add value

The consultation

Our obligation free consultation is a service that includes a free site inspection and quoting.
Get in touch with Adelaide property Clearances by calling 0419 848 544 or completing the email form.

The transformation

Our process begins with the sorting and transportation of goods and the removal of waste.
Once your property is decluttered and clean, the real transformation begins!
We provide all of the necessary restorations inside and out, including building repairs, cosmetic improvements and landscaping!

We can help you to organise and relocate your belongings


The first step is managing any furniture and contents. This can be extremely difficult if you live a long distance from the property, or have multiple family members involved perhaps spread across Australia or simply have other commitments.

APC will work with you to

  • Deliver items you wish to keep to a specified address.
  • Sell furniture and other items of value.
  • Donate items to charity.
  • Dispose of any unwanted items.


After your contents are removed our team will make every effort to clean your property and prepare it for sale, no job is too difficult.

APC can:

  • Thoroughly clean the full interior.
  • Pressure wash and clean the exterior
  • Deodorize to remove pet and smoke odours


You identify the items you wish to keep, but don’t have immediate use for. We pack up and arrange storage for you to access later.


We don’t just stop at clearing and cleaning a property, we make all efforts to improve the overall appearance of the property to maximise the potential sale value.

APC can help you

  • Trim the gardens, weed, cut trees and bushes.
  • Paint the property inside and out.
  • Replace old or damaged carpets.
  • Arrange the repairs and maintenance tasks


We help you identify the items that you no longer want that may be appreciated by local charities. Giving back to the community is a great feeling.
We can work with multiple charities to ensure your unwanted items go to a good cause.

The items that can be donated are:

  • Blankets, towels and clean newspaper in any condition are welcomed by animal shelters.
  • Good quality blankets and linen are accepted by most of the major charities
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Computers
  • Working appliances and furniture in sound condition
  • Wheelchairs and other disability equipment
  • Assorted household good: kitchen equipment, gardening equipment, tools etc.

Valuation and sale of valuables

We can help you identify items of value that you may wish to sell.

We can value or arrange the sale of anything of value such as art, antiques, collectables jewellery, furniture, motor vehicles tools and equipment etc.


You identify the items that you wish to keep and make use of in the property. We help you to organise these items to keep the property tidy.

Recycling or Discarding

Any items that you no longer wish to keep and are of no value to anyone else will be collected and disposed of without a fuss.

The following items can be recycled

  • Clean linen and clean clothing in any condition.
  • Paper products/some plastics/glass.
  • Gas bottles/batteries/scrap metal.
  • Medications: The RUM (Return Unwanted Medications) Project

Gardening or lanscaping

Your yard is manicured for photos, and we can restore most features including retaining walls.


We can paint your property inside and out to give a fresh new look if required.


We repair the issues that need to be addressed in order for a successful sale, and yes we can remove stained carpet and replace it or we sand and polish floorboards.

In fact we can do whatever is necessary to put the property on the market.

Styling and Staging

If you are selling your property, APC can arrange staging, styling and rental furniture to further enhance the presentation of your property, reducing sale times and increasing the final sale price.

  • One third of all buyers will pay 20% more for a home with updated décor
  • 90% of people cannot imagine the potential of a home unless it is furnished
  • 63% of buyers prefer a higher priced home that does not require any work

Agent Selection and Selling Strategies

As part of the Waterman and Waterman group, you can take advantage of over 30 years’ experience in real estate consultation, let us assist you with our effective selling tips and outline the pitfalls.

Our service comes without charge - No Cost

Let us help you select the right agent, the right method of sale, the right marketing for the right fee. >Let us give you a hand!

Let us coordinate you next move, we can prepare your home for sale, arrange the best and most appropriate agent to sell your home and we assist you to buy your next.

Let us take the stress out of decluttering your home


"Chris and the team were absolutely fantastic from the first time I picked up the phone through to the completion of the job. They accommodated one last minute change of plans with ease and got the job done on the day with no fuss and in super quick time. I would not hesitate in recommending Adelaide Property Clearances to anyone!"

Neil T
May 2023

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The result

Once our transformation process is complete, you’ll be left with a property ready to take to the real estate market with maximum market appeal!

Contact us today, 0419 848 544 or info@adelaidepropertyclearances.com.au to discuss how we can help to impress your potential buyers and achieve your optimal sale price.

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